Dealing With Headaches and Migraines

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Headaches are not fun, and migraines are even worse. Living with either of these issues affect your mood, ability to focus or concentrate, and even make you unable to function. Medication can help some in the short term, but often the problem is ongoing or recurring, pills are not enough or there are bad side affects with the medication. Oftentimes, the source of your headaches and migraines is structural, and therefore with proper treatment it is possible to remedy this debilitating issue. Headache relief at our Chiropractic & Soft Tissue office in Columbia may be the solution you're looking for.

Headaches and Migraines in Columbia

Whether you are dealing with a persistent ache in your head, or the worst symptoms associated with migraines including light and noise sensitivity, nausea, vomiting, hallucinations, depression, and irritation the cause may be a structural issue. Repetitive stress, trauma, posture habits and other incidents create stress on the spine and its supporting soft tissues. The muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and the spine develop thickened scar tissue that affects proper spinal, neck and head movement. The nerves become entrapped or compressed by the spine as well as within the tissues of the neck and head. Headaches at the base of the head, up the neck, forehead, temple or around the orbit of the eye are typical. Repeated headaches or migraines can be a sign that there are deeper problems arising in the spine and soft tissues. It is important to deal effectively with these issues when the signs arise.

Chiropractic & Active Release Treatment for Headaches and Migraines

A combination of “state of the art” Active Release soft tissue care and Chiropractic care effectively addresses both components attributed to headaches and migraines. By addressing both the soft tissues and spinal dysfunction affecting the nerves, effective results can be found. A thorough Chiropractic and Soft Tissue evaluation will rule out other possible causes of your headache and determine the spinal and soft tissue issues causing the problem.

The assessment will determine an effective plan of treatment that will get to the root of the pain. At Renick Chiropractic & Soft Tissue Clinic using gentle Active Release soft tissue therapy to release the rigid tissues followed by gentle spinal adjustments, proper motion and function is restored providing almost instant relief and can restore your long-term health. Then, specific stretches or exercises are prescribed to maintain proper function; tools you can use to prevent recurrence. Unlike medications which treat the problem on the surface level and provide only short term relief, this combined care of Soft Tissue & Chiropractic will address the cause of your headache or migraine and provide lasting results that will improve the quality of your life.

If you are struggling with migraines or headaches call our team at Renick Chiropractic & Soft Tissue Clinic today for help.

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