Do You Have Plantar Fasciitis: Heel or Foot Pain?

Plantar Fasiicitis

If you are experiencing significant heel or foot pain in Columbia you likely have Plantar Fasciitis. This painful condition has become very common and is usually a repetitive stress injury. Additionally, people with the condition also develop an imbalance in the pelvic spine or hips due to abnormal walking patterns as they attempt to get around with it. Expert Active Release Soft Tissue care & Chiropractic care offered by Columbia: Renick Chiropractic & Soft Tissue Clinic can resolve this serious condition.

How Do You Get Plantar Fasciitis?

Many people get it from standing on their feet long periods or standing on hard floors. Many runners or exercise enthusiasts get it from repetitive pounding on their feet. Others can get it from even being inactive or sedentary.

Plantar Fasciitis in Columbia

Plantar Fasciitis is described as heel or foot pain in the arch of the foot that often becomes chronic and can be debilitating. The pain is caused by the tissues of the foot becoming dense and tight which pulls at the attachment to the heel creating irritation. The tissues include the plantar fascia, which covers the bottom of the foot, and numerous tendons and muscles that flex and support the toes and foot. Stress to the involved tissues from standing, walking or running often causes the problem; however, a dysfunction in the ankle, top of the foot or calf can trigger or contribute to the stress to the tissues under the foot. Pain is often worse upon getting up in the morning as well after sitting for periods of time because the affected tissues tend to shorten and contract when inactive.

Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis

Traditional treatment has proven ineffective and includes wearing an orthoboot or splint, ice application, rolling the foot on a frozen water bottle, massage, shock therapy, and even invasive surgery. Their outcomes are typically poor.

The new standard in care for Plantar Fasciitis is advanced soft tissue care. Columbia: Renick Chiropractic & Soft Tissue Clinic uses advanced Active Release, the “gold standard” in soft tissue care. Dr. Renick uses his vast training and experience to identify and break up the dense scar tissue in the bottom of the foot as well as resolve problems in the ankle, top of the foot or calf that may be creating the problem. Dr. Renick also provides a simple but thorough home care program which is important in obtaining a good resolution.

Some patients require custom orthotics to provide proper support to the foot. If needed, Dr. Renick has a state of the art laser foot scanner that scans and produces a perfect 3-D image of the foot which then is sent electronically to a to a leading orthotic factory. Dr Renick prefers nonrigid orthotics that allow natural motion of the foot to occur with both walking and running. The recommended custom nonrigid orthotics use modern materials which cushion and reduce shock to the foot while still allowing natural foot motion.

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