Chiropractic Testimonials

"Dr. Renick is the ultimate ART Master!"

- Peter R., 3-time Ironman Triathlon World Champion

"Dr. Renick is one of the best ART Docs in 13 years."

- Missy L., 2 world records

"Dr. Renick is the best ART Doc I've had in 12 years."

- Les T., 12-time Ironman Triathlons World Championships

"At 45, I have had Scoliosis almost my entire life. With Dr. Renick’s vast experience, knowledge and sincere interest in my overall health, combined with his ART techniques, I am able to enjoy my favorite activities: biking, hiking and ice skating. I feel great after my treatments. I have more energy and sleep great at night. The Renick Clinic provides a relaxing and pleasant experience that I could not do without."

- Karen

"Due to being a weekend warrior, I have had ankle, knee, hip, back and neck issues. Dr. Renick, through his gentle techniques in aligning my entire body, has lessened my pain. By treating me with ART, I have achieved greater muscle function and mobility. My experience with The Renick Clinic has improved my life tremendously! I am in my 50's and, thanks to Dr. Renick, I feel like I'm in my 30's."

- Rich

"After an injury that threatened my career, Dr. Renick saved me from surgery, and put mobility back in my shoulder and arm. I can now continue my work pain free, and with full use of my shoulder and arm. Forever grateful to Dr. Renick and ART!"

- Cynthia

"After years of frequent migraine headaches, Dr. Renick's chiropractic and ART care has given me freedom and relief."

- Cindy


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